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June 18, 2007

AiG's Paul Taylor on BBC Radio Wales


15June Faith and creationism

Scientists have just described a new dinosaur species which they claim lived 210 million years ago. That will not have impressed the owners of the Creation Museum opened recently in Kentucky. They reckon the earth is a mere 6,000 years old.

To promote their understanding of the way the world was made, they invite visitors to wander in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, to smell the freshly-cut timbers being used in the building of the ark, to sense the sounds and smells inside that floating menagerie... and then to sample a sandwich and salad at Noah's café.

This particular front in the battle for creationism against evolution is costing $27 million. It's a conflict which has seen many legal struggles in the United State; and here in Britain there's been fierce controversy over the desire of some Christian schools to teach creationism and intelligent design alongside evolution.

In All Things Considered this week (Sunday 17 June at 8.30am), we ask why does this issue matter? What difference does it make if the universe is indeed just 6,000 years old - or 4.5 billion, as most scientists seem to affirm? And what are the implications for people of faith?

Roy Jenkins is joined by two former teachers: Paul Taylor, Head of Media & Publications, for the organisation Answers in Genesis, which works closely with the owners of the Creation Museum; and Clyde Briggs, Chairman of the Association of Christian Teachers in Wales.

With him also are The Rev Dr Simon Oliver, Senior Lecturer in Systematic Theology at the University of Wales Lampeter; and The Rev Dr Ernest Lucas, who changed course from biochemistry to theology at Oxford, and holds doctorates in both disciplines: he's now vice principal of Bristol Baptist College."

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