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June 26, 2006

Allowing religion and science to have a say

The Times
June 26, 2006

Sir, Most faith schools in Britain are either Anglican or Roman Catholic and have no problem with evolution. The schools which do are either the independent evangelical schools or the city academies. Here creationism is taught, often under the cloak of “teaching the controversy” or balancing the two “faith” views of creation and evolution.

Sometimes creationism is smuggled into state schools, often through visiting speakers. That is a great concern as creationism, whether as young earth creationism or intelligent design, can only be described as scientific nonsense. To compound this, most creationist writings are dishonest in their portrayal of “evolution”, also known as “normal biology”, “geology” and “cosmology”. To teach creationism as science is to teach nonsense.

It is timely that scientists have made it clear that creationism is misguided. However, it is a great pity that the churches have so far failed to address the issue. By failing to do so, they also put church schools at risk.

Cockerham, Lancaster

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June 21, 2006

Scientists call for 'evidence based' teaching of evolution

The world's top scientists have joined forces to call for "evidence-based" teaching of evolution in schools.

A statement signed by 67 national science academies says evidence on the origins of life is being "concealed, denied, or confused" in some classes.

It lists key facts on evolution that "scientific evidence has never contradicted".

Reported in the BBC News here.

Link to the statement (pdf file) here.

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