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May 05, 2006

Creationist visit off

Nikki Masters Blackpool Citizen

A creationist who caused a rumpus by refusing to name the school he was due to visit says he's not disappointed' the visit has been cancelled.

John Mackay, a geologist who supports a theory that the world was divinely created in six days was due to speak to Key Stage Three pupils at Thornton's Millfield High School this month as part of a spirituality week'.

The planned visit to the Belvedere Road school, as reported in the Citizen on April 6, provoked uproar among local and national opponents, and attracted national press coverage.

Millfield head teacher, Alan Harvey, said the visit had been cancelled because of concerns over fundamentalism' and a lack of lesson plans.

But Mr Mackay, speaking from a Creation Research family conference in Powys, Wales, said: "The school has always been open and friendly. I'm not disappointed."

But he called the lack of lesson plans a superficial reason' for the cancellation, and feared the possibility of demonstrations by opponents from across the UK might have changed the school's mind.

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