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April 09, 2006

Vital lessons at orang-utan 'Oxbridge'

Science, Just Science - News

The Observer has a piece on the "social evolution" of orang-utans in Sumatra -

Vital lessons at orang-utan 'Oxbridge'

The discovery of a group of privileged primates teaching each other sophisticated behaviour hints at the way human intellect has evolved

Robin McKie, science editor
Sunday April 9, 2006
The Observer

Suaq Balimbing, in the Kluet swamps, is one of Sumatra's least attractive destinations. It has mud, a profusion of biting insects, oppressive heat, and little else. To humans, it is a place to avoid. But to the island's wild orang-utans, Suaq is a magnet. It is the simian equivalent of Oxbridge, a place to obtain a privileged education so they can stand out among their peers.

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