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April 12, 2006

Royal Society attacks teaching of creationism as science

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Guardian report of the Prof Jones speech-

Royal Society attacks teaching of creationism as science

· Theory likened to belief that storks bring babies
· Teachers vote to ban state funding for faith schools

Duncan Campbell and Rebecca Smithers
Wednesday April 12, 2006
The Guardian

The Royal Society yesterday issued a strongly worded attack on the teaching of creationism as a leading scientist compared it to the theory that babies are brought by storks.

The warning from Britain's leading scientific academy comes amid increasing concern over the attempts by religious fundamentalists to challenge the theory of evolution in schools and colleges by teaching the idea that a god created the world, as if that were a scientific theory.

Teachers' unions yesterday also voted to ban further government funding for faith schools.

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Anonymous Dean Morrison said...

Great stuff! Ilove the bit by Steve Jones:

Last night, the Royal Society gave a public platform to Steve Jones, the award-winning geneticist and author, to deliver a lecture entitled Why Creationism Is Wrong and Evolution Is Right. Professor Jones said that suggesting that creationism and evolution be given equal weight in education was "to me, rather like starting genetics lectures by discussing the theory that babies are brought by storks."

3:45 pm  

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