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March 10, 2006

Creationism to be taught on GCSE science syllabus

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Now it's out in the open:

The Times March 10, 2006

Creationism to be taught on GCSE science syllabus

Exam board is accused of confusing pupils by including religion

AN EXAMINATIONS board is including references to “creationism” in a new GCSE science course for schools.

The OCR board admitted that a biology course due to be introduced in September encourages schools to consider alternative views to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Its new “Gateway to Science” curriculum asks pupils to examine how organisms become fossilised. It then asks teachers to “explain that the fossil record has been interpreted differently over time (eg creationist interpretation)”. OCR, one of the three main exam boards in England, said that the syllabus was intended to make students aware of scientific controversy. But critics accused the board of blurring the line between science and religious education by putting creationism into lessons alongside evolution.

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