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February 27, 2006

Judge Jones explains - in his own words

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Judge Jones Explains

Judge Jones, of Dover fame, has been criticised by the ID side for making an explicit ruling that
Intelligent Design is a religious idea.

They say that, under the conduct of the case, there was no strict need to make this ruling, and that this
makes him an "activist" judge, and the ruling suspect.

In this interview with the Philidelphia Inquirer, the Judge explains that he did so because both sides,
the IDers and the Dover school parents, asked him to do so.

The relevant quote is;

"The Inquirer: Some have said your ruling wasn't about church and state but about whether intelligent design is science.

Jones: I think that the ruling followed precedent, both the Lemon test [a three-part test, based on Supreme Court rulings, of whether a government action violates the separation of church and state] and the establishment test [from the First Amendment of the Constitution, which forbids Congress from making any law "establishing religion"], and I'm reluctant to characterize what that "means." The controversial part of the ruling was whether intelligent design is in fact science. Lost in the post-decision debate was that both sides, plaintiffs and defense, asked me to rule on that issue. Clearly, that was resolved based on the scientific evidence presented at the trial. That portion of the opinion seems to have been scrutinized, and praised or criticized, more than the part of the decision grounded in the two tests."

The rest of the interview is also interesting. Well worth a read

See it here;

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